Billing address not got saved in order post api

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I am able to create orders using order post API. I know that first_name and last_name are mandatory in shipping address and billing address
I am providing details but still I don't see billing address on order page. it shows "No billing address" . 

can someone help me

I searched forums for this but could not get solution. I tried with and without passing province code and country code but could not get success. 
Also do i have to pass transaction object in order to get billing address? currently i am not passing transaction object.
following is the part of code i am sending in billing address


"billing_address": {
                    "first_name": order_data["billingAddress"]["name"],
                    "last_name": order_data["billingAddress"]["name"],
                    "address1": order_data["billingAddress"]["addLine1"],
                    "address2": order_data["billingAddress"]["addLine2"],
                    "phone": "+91" + order_data["billingAddress"]["mobileNumber"] if order_data["billingAddress"][
                                                                                         "country"] == "India" else
                    "city": order_data["billingAddress"]["city"],
                    "province": "Karnataka",
                    "country": order_data["billingAddress"]["country"],
                    "zip": order_data["billingAddress"]["pincode"],
                    "country_code": "IN" if order_data["billingAddress"]["country"] == "India" else "",
                    "province_code": "KA"


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