Billing api - recurring 30 days + 14 days trial - currentPeriodEnd - never changes for next period

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Im using graphQL and create a subscriptions for 30 days recurring and 14 days trials:

this is shopify response:


            "trialDays": 14,
            "createdAt": "2020-06-24T13:59:33Z",
            "currentPeriodEnd": "2020-08-07T13:59:43Z",
            "id": "gid://shopify/AppSubscription/****",
            "name": "Unlimited Monthly",
            "status": "ACTIVE",
            "test": false,
            "lineItems": [
                    "plan": {
                        "pricingDetails": {
                            "interval": "EVERY_30_DAYS",
                            "price": {
                                "amount": "19.0",
                                "currencyCode": "USD"



as you can see the currentPeriodEnd is only for the end of the 14 trails days.

however today is 20 days later and still the currentPeriodEnd is never changed...

there are no other subscription for this store.. so how do i know what is the real currentPeriodEnd ?

what is the best way to know if the subscription is valid? (only the status)