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Hello Shopify developers,


I am seeking information. We, at the Vanier College Bookstore, in Montreal, would like to create a Shopify page for our retail catalogue. We were wondering if the Shopify page could communicate with our ERP (called Bookware3000) to adjust inventory and import products from our ERP to simplify the making of our catalogues. 


I spent some time with a customer service representative and we both came to the conclusion that we had to send a request via the Partner Platform.


We are currently not satisfied with our website: 


Thank you and in hopes to hear from you,



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Hi Julie


Yes this is a doable task using Shopify API


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Hi Julien

We build custom integrations with platforms and manage product information so you can then automate the processes of pushing through to Shopify whether it's new products or inventory updates.

For example we have a user:

  • SAP feeding orders into Channelup > Sends orders to ERP
  • ERP pushes inventory into Channelup > Updates Shopify store
  • Shopify order into Channelup > Sends order to ERP

They also manage new products within our platform so they don't have to create them in all systems.

Looking at bookware3000 I cannot see if they have an API. You might have to check with them if they have one or if they have a ftp solution for accessing a csv file with all data. We can then work out what is required for the data flow. If you hear back you can contact me at




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