Bulk actions on collections?

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Is there a reason that I can't add a bulk action link to Collections via the partner dashboard? I have a use case where I need my app to edit a group of selected collections, but it appears this isn't possible.


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Shopify Staff
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Hey there, 


Great question - I'm not sure why that isn't available, but I will pass your feedback along. 


In the meantime, I think your best option would be to add yourself to the collections overview page instead and then you could display all of a shop's collections and allow your users to choose the ones they want to work with from there. 

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I would GREATLY appreciate it if I could use the bulk editing functions from within a collections page.  Often times I already have the needed products grouped in a collection and I just want to add a tag to all of them or something and I can't inside of the collections page.  Very frustrating.  So I have to go back to the entire list of products and select them again and then do the bulk edit.  This would be a very beneficial and time-saving feature!