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Hi Shopify Support, 


My company works in the GDPR / CCPA automation space.  We have clients that are concerned that in order to comply with CCPA / GDPR they have to DELETE customer data from within their Shopify accounts when that customer submits a request for data erasure.  We are unable to honor this feature for our Shopify customers because your API, as documented in the link below, does NOT allow customers that have order information to have their profiles deleted.


Documentation at this link:


Can you please help!  Our clients are desperate not to have legal risks associated with CCPA non-compliance.  



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Hey @transcend-dev ,


Shopify has a lot of documentation available discussing how our platform operates with GDPR and CCPA requirements: and . I would definitely recommend taking the time to read through these documents thoroughly, as it should answer most of all the questions you might have about how Shopify operates with these privacy regulations.


In terms of complying with Customer deletion requests, the process is the same for both regulations ( Upon receiving the deletion request, the merchant should go through their Shopify Admin, find the customer who wants their data deleted, and press the "Erase personal data" option. After 10 days, Shopify will process this erasure request. Shopify will also send a Webhook message to all the third party app partners this merchant uses so they know to erase any information they have about this customer. There is one nuance about erasing the information of a customer that has placed an order within the last 6 months  in case a charge back occurs, but you can read the documentation linked above for more information there.


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I have a similar problem but I cannot find the "Erase personal data" option.