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Dear Sirs, Can you please advise me how i can enable the cost feature of the product variants? As a starting point I have installed the GraphQL Admin API appl, but i am stuck up to the point where i need to generate credentials of the application, in order to provide OAuth for the authorization. But i have no idea how to do that. Actually i don't know how to generate the API credentials. Should GraphQL Admin API appl be generated? Is there something else that i need to do? I got confused. Can you please direct me a bit how to move on?

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Evangelia,

Zameer here from the Shopify Developer Experience team. 

The GraphQL API uses the same access token as the REST API which you retrieve during your OAuth flow when installing the app. As a refresher, the following guide walks you through the process of creating an app and retrieving an access token. 

If instead, you are referring to the Shopify GraphiQL App, you can install that at the following link. It gets added to your shop just like any other app from our App Store and doesn't require any additional API credentials from you. You can then access it through the apps section of your shop's admin.