Calculating and charging special shipping rates at checkout

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Hi guys, 


So we're trying to figure out how to go about this, but no solution yet. So I was hoping someone from this great community can help us out. 


So we have a print-on-demand app in the Shopify app store. Our products have fixed pricing that includes shipping. So our sellers get charged fixed pricing to keep things simple. 

We are now looking at adding real express shipping to sellers, but mostly to their customers as they are the ones that choose if they want to pay an additional amount for it to get express shipping. 


The problem that brings is that express shipping does not come with flat rates. Of course we could choose to charge flat rates, but it would not make it attractive to the customers. An example would be if 1 hoodie is ordered, we could offer express shipping for +$11 added on the total price. If 2 hoodies are ordered, it would only be +$4 on the total price. So there's a major advantage for customers to get express shipping when the quantity/volume increases on an individual order. And that's just the rate for 1 country. 


Then the next problem would be that at Shopify checkout, if a customer has ordered 2 products that are coming from us, and another product coming from another party, it could not calculate the express shipping properly because of a 3rd party product involved. 


Would anybody have a suggestion how to set this up? Perhaps we're completely looking wrong at this, and we should set this up at a different level/step? 


Thank you in advance! 

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Hi @Sublime,


Depending on the shop, customers purchasing products provided through your app and products not is going to make custom shipping rates tricky.


You can take advantage of the CarrierService API and return your own real-time rates, but it would have to be for the whole cart. Definitely doable, but you would need to have an idea of what each merchant wants to charge for products other than the ones provided through your app. Depending on the install base, and the relationship you keep with your users, it could be a worthy option.


Besides the CarrierService API, the only other option for programatically generating more complex shipping rates is on shops under the Plus plan. They have a feature called Shopify Scripts which allows scripts to be written to customize the shipping rates and discounts at checkout.