Can I get orders before my app were given the store permission?

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Hi All, 

Bill here, trying to work with the Shopify API using the python client.

What I am trying to do is get past 14 days of order data from a Shopify store so I can do advanced analysis on it.

However, the problem I ran into is that when I set the beginning time to a date before my app was given permission via the access token (which is anywhere past 8 days ago), I do not get ANY orders from Shopify data. 

The following code is what I used to get the data, and as you can see, it is set to 50 days from now, but I only get data for the past 6 days, which coincide with the date my app were given permission to the store in question. 

day_start = ('%Y-%m-%dT%00:00:00-05:00')
day_end = ('%Y-%m-%dT%23:59:59-05:00')
order_count = metric_getter.shopify_wrapper.shopify.Order.count(created_at_max = day_end,
                                                       created_at_min = day_start)

Is this intended behavior for the Orders API? Or am I doing something incorrectly which causes this error to occur? 

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Hi Bill,

I think you will need to add status="any" to shopify.Order.count().

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