Can Rest and GraphQL APIs be combined to integrate a product in Shopify Store?

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Hello ! I’m part of a technology company that is preparing the integration of an ecommerce backoffice product with the Shopify platform, so that it appears in the Shopify App Store.

Our main question is with the use of the API for integration, since after having read a lot of the documentation for developers that Shopify provides; we found that only the GraphQL API can be used to edit the orders

I quote text from the shopify developer documentation:

¨After an order is created, you can change only a few of its attributes using the API. You can't change the items or the quantities in an order using the REST API, but you can change them using the GraphQL Admin API.¨

Attached link from where the quote was extracted:

Our main question is that we understand that with REST API orders cannot be edited, but the developers who are going to implement the integration work and are experts in REST.

So our question is: can we do all the integration development with REST API and leave only the Edit Order to do with GraphQL? Or are both APIs incompatible?

I would appreciate any type of document or examples that you can provide us on this particular topic.

I attach another link that talks about how the orders are edited for GraphQL:

I appreciate any help on this topic. Thanks

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This is an accepted solution.

It should work fine. As long as the API URL's and credentials are properly defined, the response bodies are properly formatted, etc. I have resorted into this in the past with some projects. Just test each step separately, using Postman or something quick and easy. If the API requests are producing the expected responses back from Shopify then you should be fine.