Can Shopify embedded applications be deployed locally?

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Just used Shopify embedded application development, there are some problems about localization, can you give me some suggestions?
According to the official documents, I used nood + react + next + koa + ngrok to build an application development environment, but the public network environment of ngrok was put into the Shopify platform for embedded application development, But the homepage is always too slow to access and lost, which may be the problem of ngrok. In addition, each page needs to load the resource file, close the ngrok service, restart, and reconfigure the public network address, so that the function effect of viewing the page is too slow. Can we do localization development? Can we use Shopify graphql, Polaris, Apollo, these Middleware Tools for localization development?
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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi @ZhangJY ,


No, in order for the app to be Embedded in the Shopify Admin it needs to be publicly available over the open Internet. This is because an Embedded App just means that Shopify is loading your app inside an iframe through its Admin, and for the iframe to load correctly your app must be hosted and available on a public domain accessible by Shopify's servers.


If you are finding it difficult to work with ngrok, you can either deploy your app on your own hosted Web Server (e.g. nginx, Apache) or you can deploy your app to a cloud server (e.g. Heroku, AWS, Google Cloud). Here is a helpful tutorial from Shopify on how to build an app and deploy it to Heroku so it can be installed on a store and embedded into the Admin:


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