Can't Perform POST using REST API and Basic Authentication

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I cannot create a record by performing a POST using Shopify's REST API and Basic Authentication. For example, I tried performing a POST to the following URL:
https://{API Key}:{Password}@{MyStore}{product-id}/metafields.json

Along with the body:
"metafield": {
"namespace": "global",
"key": "Test_Metafield",
"value": "Value for test metafield",
"value_type": "string",
"description": "This is the description"

When I try sending it no metafield gets created for the product. Instead, I get a status 200 with HTML as the response as shown below:

<script type="text/javascript" defer>
window.location = "https:\/\/\/oauth\/authorize?client_id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\u0026destination_uuid=4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\u0026nonce=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\u0026prompt=merge\\u0026response_type=code\\u0026state=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\u0026ui_locales=en\u0026ux=shop";

I can perform GETs and PUTs in which I can retrieve metafield records as well as update existing metafields. But anytime I perform a POST (or create a new record), I get the same response as above.

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This is an accepted solution.

How are you making the request? Is this via the browser? Postman? Something else? I am guessing you're sending cookies in the request so that's being blocked for good security reasons. Remove those cookies and you may find the result differs.

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Thanks Jason! I was using Postman. Once I cleared all the cookies I was able to perform the post.

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I am currently programming an app that displays orders from Shopify. The program I am using is Delphi (Pascal) and trying to send and receive data using REST. The "GET" commands work without problems but when I try to create an order draft ("POST") for example, it shows me the same error every time as above. What can be done ?

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how do you post with the delphi rest api? you must share a sample