Can't fulfill orders in a single fulfillment when they were assigned to different locations

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We have a use-case where LineItems in an Order get assigned to one of two locations A and B, and if they are assigned to location B, they will transit through A (managed by our system) and then be re-shipped from A.

Some orders have LineItems assigned to both locations A and B. Eventually we want to create a single fulfillment to notify the customer that both items were sent from A.

However when doing so, (through the `fulfillmentCreateV2` GQL endpoint) the API returns the following error:

All fulfillment orders must be assigned to a single location. Multiple locations with ids [12345, 67890] were found.

It seems that ours is a legitimate use case, and that we should be allowed to create fulfillments even if the corresponding fulfillment orders' locations differ. Duplicating the fulfillment seems to not be the right approach because:

  • It would not correspond to the reality
  • The customer would receive two messages

Can you add an option that will allow to specify we are doing this on purpose and it wasn't a mistake, or remove the check alltogether? Or is there a different approach to this issue that would be the correct one?