Can't make http call from shopify domain?

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Maybe i am just missing something dumb here but I can't seem to make a HTTP request from my store without it upgrading to HTTPS.

I want to get some information from a public service that has an http (and not an https) endpoint, the data is not necessary to secure. The service has an https endpoint but it's not available on the plan I am using.

However, everytime I make the call using jquery ajax or xhr request directly, the actual network request keeps being upgraded to https and the call is failing because of this.

Even when I make the calls in the browser console they are being upgraded.


var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", "")

 when I run that code from my store, I see in the network tab it upgrades it to "https"

if i run the exact same code from another tab (like google) then it correctly calls http

So it's like shopify is forcing the upgrade to happen, is this what's going on? I am infuriated and not finding anything on google, would really appreciate if someone could help explain what's going on and how I can make the http call without the https forcing happening.