Can't relocate inventory item with blank SKU

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We are attempting to fulfill an order with a blank SKU, order ID: 2302915215459


SDK Version 7.0.2

API Version 2020-01


The code to fulfill the order:



payload = {
 'order_id': 2302915215459, 
 'notify_customer': False, 
 'location_id': 33112326243, 
 'tracking_url': 'xx', 
 'tracking_number': 'xx', 
 'tracking_company': 'USPS'
fulfillment = shopify.Fulfillment(payload)
result =



Gives us a 422 error: None of the items are stocked at the new location.


Ok, let's reconnect the inventory item to a new location: 



shopify.InventoryLevel.connect(33112326243, 33759101223011, relocate_if_necessary=True)



This gives us a 422 error: Validation failed: Sku can't be blank


But that's the thing, we aren't doing anything with the product variant. The line item even has a blank SKU. We just want to relocate the inventory item. 


We are unable to mark about 90+ orders as fulfilled because of this problem. We will ask the merchant to add a SKU to the variant (#32194672296035), but really, the shopify.InventoryLevel.connect call shouldn't fail because the SKU is blank, it doesn't make sense. If Shopify was able to somehow let the merchant save the variant without a SKU, we should still be able to reconnect the inventory item. 







Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey @Travis_D 


InventoryLevel connect doesn't require an SKU, but it must validate the line items before connecting.


It looks like this variant is fulfilling correctly in newer orders (complete with SKU). Not sure how the older order got in this state. Might be some ideas here.