Can't understand "Your app does not authenticate after it is uninstalled and reinstalled on the same store, first"

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I'm using the Ruby gem to implement my Shopify app. I've submitted my app and got rejected with one of the issues was :

"Your app does not authenticate after it is uninstalled and reinstalled on the same store, first. Apps should gracefully handle uninstall and reinstall. When an app is uninstalled all permissions from the store become inactive. Consider subscribing to a webhook alerting you when a merchant uninstalls the app. The app will need to re-authenticate with OAuth when a merchant reinstalls your app first."

I just can't understand the meaning of this? The Ruby handles the whole process of the authentication, so it should handle the reauthentication as well, as I understand.

What should I do, please help.

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I think all that they wanted to say is that the token is expired and the app should handle installations and most importantly re-installs gracefully and make sure it aquires a new token to be able to interact with the store through admin API. So if the merchant uninstalls the app and then tries to install it again the expectations of the merchant (and Shopify APP review team) is you should go through OAuth and they should land on the app permissions approval page, which I believe is not happening.

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HI @elitu, did you get anywhere with this?

I have the same reply from Shopify but it seems that they're just uninstalling the app and then trying to load the app from within the admin section. It doesn't seem to attempt to load my App URL in order for me to handle any kind of reinstallation.


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I am also about to submit an app using the shopify_app ruby gem so this worries me. Did you check the github repo issues there? Can you please ask this question there and link us so we can follow? Thanks.