Can the Shopify API update the page footer section?

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I am completing a proof of concept. So far your API's can handle everything our app needs to do. For the page, I can update the body_html with a PUT request to the page api (eg. PUT /admin/pages/#{id}.json). What I wanted to know is if there is a way to update the area below the body html, eg. the footer. Is this possible? I don't see any docs that point to this. Our app is designed to set a badge and ideally it would be closer to the bottom of the storefront page.

Thanks again :)

Shopify Staff
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You can only get access to the footer by finding where the footer is placed. Often it's in snippets/footer.liquid, which would require the write_themes permission. Keep in mind this isn't the most reliable way since if a merchant ever changes their theme, your changes will be lost.

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