Capturing Uninstall Reason with Webhooks or API

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Hey there,

I was hoping to track uninstall reasons provided by App users to help refine our onboarding process and user experience, however the 'app/uninstalled' webhook doesn't appear to provide the uninstall reason (at least not in the case of my development stores).

Is it possible to retrieve the uninstall reason through the API or in the webhooks?




Shopify Staff
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Hey Dave, Josh from the Shopify Developer Experience Team here.

There's no way to access that information as a developer that I've ever been aware of, though I can see some use in it. Currently I know a popular option is that when you receive an uninstall webhook, you can  reach out to the merchant on your own to find out what you could have done better. I'm sure there's an e-mail marketing solution out there that could do this for you automatically, too.

Josh Wheeler


I'd also need to capture the reason for uninstalling the app via a webhook or an API call. Sending an email if a user already provided the reason doesn't make sense.



I'm a software engineer. I make things happen automatically.

Just curious, did this change? It is unnecessary attention load on the customer to ask the same question twice! I understand Shopify might use this information to sniff out bad app developers, but you should share it for us good guys! Do you have some means of elevating this internally with Shopify devs? It would mean a lot, thanks!

Yay, we are looking for the same in order to improve our onboarding and quality of the app.

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