Carrier Service API - Delivery Date not displaying correctly

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Currently we encountered some issue on displaying estimated delivery date.

We followed the API document to send the min/max delivery date and calculated the date by business day.


In our case  [UPS - 2nd Day Air] for example, the Delivery Timeline is 2 business days.

Hence we send the delivery date by the calculation below:

9/6(Sun) - checkout day (the day shows the checkout rate)

9/7(Mon) - Holiday (Labor Day)

9/8(Tues) - Day 1

9/9 (Wed) - Day 2

9/10 (Thur) - Estimated delivery date (2 days after)

Response date we send:



But at the end Shopify show [4 business days] on the checkout page and the client is confusing why this service needs 4 business day. 


Looks like when Shopify didn't consider weekend/holiday when converting the date in to delivery day.

Is this a bug in Shopify side or should we send the date calculated base on normal day instead of business day?

Thanks a lot in advanced for any suggestions!