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I am setting up an private app related to custom shipping.  And always get null value on email of destination object. Even try with logged customer, email value always be a null. i see a email field but never get value on it.

is there any restrictrion on this API?




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I'm having the very same problem. The email field for destination is always null, no matter what. Is this intended or a bug, Shopify?

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@Sid & @indiesk,

This is expected behaviour. The email field will always be null when you receive the carrier service request from Shopify.

From the Shopify dev docs page for the Carrier Service API

For API-created carrier services, you should use only the following shipping address fields:

  • address1
  • address2
  • city
  • zip
  • province
  • country

Other values remain asnulland are not sent to the callback URL.



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Thanks for your reply but if there need shipping based on customer group, can it possible send either customer email or customer id if possible.


Another thing in the line items array. Is it possible to get product type, tag or collection ID etc..