Changing locationId for lineItem in the order

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Hi, I have two locations to fulfill orders from based on custom business logic.

And I am trying to find API-based alternative to the Shopify Admin UI for changing location of unfulfilled items of the order. The one the following screenshot

Screenshot 2020-03-22 16.07.55.png



I am trying to do it via GraphQL API 2020-01 mutation orderEditAddVariant whichaccepts argument locationIdThe ID of the location that this item will be fulfilled from.

per documentation

mutation orderEditAddVariant($id: ID!, $variantId: ID!, $locationId: ID, $quantity: Int!) {
        orderEditAddVariant(id: $id, variantId: $variantId, locationId: $locationId, quantity: $quantity) {
          calculatedLineItem {
          calculatedOrder {
          userErrors {

That looks exactly what I am looking for... Except I get an error when I try to pass locationId 

"userErrors":[{"field":["locationId"],"message":"Can't convert Integer to ShopIdentity::LocationId"}]

I tried all possible options there, double checked ids, etc. no luck

Currently I am thinking that this is a Shopify API bug. 

Please let me know how I can solve this







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This is an accepted solution.

Hey @kinokritik ,


To change the location of where line items from an Order will be fulfilled from, if you are using API Version 2019-10 an above, you need to use the Fulfillment Order resource. You can read more about it here:


So in a nutshell in GraphQL API you need to use the mutation fulfillmentOrderMove to change the fulfillment order (e.g. the group of line items being fulfilled together to a new location ID

Hassain | Developer Support Specialist @ Shopify
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