Changing of sort order of products in CustomCollection doesn't change collection updated_at time

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I'm changing the order of products in CustomCollection using REST api query and it doesn't update collection updated_at value.
That leads to front end user can't immediately see changes on the website.

Query I'm using is:

host: url:/admin/api/2020-01/custom_collections/{collection_id}.json

data: {"custom_collection":{"id":"158836293687","title":"MEN.","collects":[{"id":"161563342775","position":"1"},{"id":"161563375543","position":"2"},{"id":"161563308311","position":"3"},{"id":"161563333223","position":"20"}]}}


At the same time when I'm updating SmartCollection using REST and smart collection's /order.json end point it updates collection's updated_at value.


Is this a bug or feature? And how would I get custom collection updated_at date updated. I tried to send same collection title as well, but it's not updating it and hence not changing updated_at datetime. What helps is sending different title and changing it back with the next request, just to get updated_at updated. But that's excessive API calls.


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This is an accepted solution.

Hey @radioact,

The behaviour you describe is currently expected. When you change the sort order for a custom collection, the object being updated is actually the collect object, so the collect object's updated_at value is changed.

As you mentioned, this isn't the case for smart collections since all changes are made on the collection object itself, and they no longer rely on collects. We're actually in the process of moving away from collects all together, so keep an eye on the changelog for future announcements about custom collections that will allow them to be managed without collects.

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@_JB do you have any more information about moving away from Collects? Timeline, specs, etc?