Charging for our APP (one time charge - "Application charge")

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Hi team,

so I've read all the help files, and all the help files your colleagues on Chat support gave me.

But, I still don't have an answer.

So, our app is being sold on your Marketplace.

Currently, we are charging for our app on a subscription base, "recurringAplicationcharge". And we wanna change that.

We wanna have a one-time charge for our app (AplicationCharge). But, this model does not have an option of a free trial. Even though I see it in Shopify rules: 

How can we set a free trial in a one-time charge "AplicationCharge"?

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The ApplicationCharge resource does not provide a built in mechanism for offering free trials. Instead, you can offer a free installation and delay triggering the billing charge.

this is an excerpt from the docs from your screenshot. So the idea is that you delay the creation of the charge for the timeframe you want to offer your trial, and then create the charge and present the confirmation URL for them to accept it.

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