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We are looking to build our own custom checkout for subscription products to meet our specific business need. I would still like to leverage all the Shopfiy settings (Products, Discounts, Taxes, Shipping, & Abandoned Carts) in this checkout. It seems the Checkout API would provide all this but there is little information on its availability and Shopify Customer Service referred me here to find out more information.

Here is a high-level purchase flow  I am trying to achieve. Has anyone here used the Checkout API (or any other of the APIs) to provide meet our need?

  1. Click 'Buy Now' from product  page - product, user, and discount code (if applicable) gets passed to custom checkout [THIS IS WORKING]
  2. Custom checkout captures shipping address. Need to send Address & Product to Shopify and get returned the tax amount and shipping options available for that Address & Product(s) [USE CHECKOUT API??]
  3. Query Shopify with Discount code (by CODE, not ID) and get parameters to ensure it qualifies. [ USING DISCOUNT API ]
  4. On Payment page, capture credit card and store with our own payment processor for future order placement [THIS IS WORKING]
  5. Once payment is succesful, place order in Shopify via API (currently using Orders API but possibly use Checkout API?)
  6. When a re-curring order is generated by our app, an new order is placed in Shopify (same as #5).

I appreciate anyone's feedback!

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I know it's too late but, any update on this?

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Yes, it was not possible to use the Checkout API for anything but Marketplace connections. I really hope Shopify opens this up to all sales channels in the future. It seems unnecessarily limiting to force it to one channel only.

We ended up building a custom checkout for our Shopify store and had to re-create everything on the apps end (discounts, shipping calculations, tax calculations, Payment auth/capture). We did leverage the Products API for product verification, Customers API for logged user validation and Customer Creation, and the Orders+Transaction API to process the order back to Shopfiy for fulfillment.

You can see it here, built in REACT/REDUX. Just click 'Buy now'