Checkout Domain When using Storefront API

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Hi there,


I have built my own store using React & Gatsby and I am using the Storefront API to generate the checkouts and fetch products, variants etc.


My question is this, is it possible to have the checkout on the same domain instead of just opening a new window with ?


I found a similar question the seemed resolved, but I am confused about the answer. Not sure how pointing A records to shopify will work since I am hosting the store myself.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


My store is at and when doing the checkout I am currently just opening a new window with the shopify URL I have which is



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I don't believe that's possible unless you have payment processing permissions, for which you have to be a sales channel before you can apply for it. This allows you to not only build the checkout on your own domain, but also complete it there too. Otherwise you have to redirect to the webUrl, which is the Shopify domain.


If your app meets the criteria of being a sales channel (eg. serves as a marketplace) and manages to get approved for payment processing, documentation can be found here.



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