Collect additional customer information from My Account page

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Hi everyone!

I hope you are doing great. 

We created a page called Coupon under My account page. I want customers to have an ability to save their date of birth, gender, pet status. We need to provide coupons on customers birthdays and send them emails to notice that they get birthday coupon codes. We also need to send different emails to customers depending on the additional information including gender and pet status.

My question is what is the best solution to send these customer information from the following Coupon page to customer profiles in Shopify admin.

coupon page.png

We want to collect the additional information from this page. This information needs to be used in the Remarkety app, which we use for email automation. 

Can anyone kindly suggest or help me with this problem?

I look forward to hearing back from someone experienced in this field.

Thank you.