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Hi guys. I have a few questions regarding a build for a service I’m looking to introduce. I’m new to this so forgive my ignorance, and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this, and of course, any help would be tremendously appreciated. 


I am about to introduce a very basic service onto my website( where people can come on and browse through hundreds of Personal Trainers at a glance. A comparison facility for PT’s basically. I have been using a page builder app so far. This will do the job for delivering basic functionality of providing people with access to view them side by side displaying all the relevant info at a glance for them.( ) However, once the comparison facility grows and the number of PT’s continue to increase, I will of course need some sort of search/filter tool to allow customers to narrow down their search according to the fitness criteria they are looking for.


A simple search app will not work as far as I’m aware as this will pull info from the whole store. Not only that, even if I build specific pages for various search criteria( i.e location, fitness goals etc), the search app will not be able to single out individual profiles of PT’s if they are all grouped together.


So my question to anyone/everyone is, how do i go about such a build for this service, with what is effectively just a PT comparison site. Do I need the whole thing built from scratch? Can I just build individual pages for each profile and somehow display them at a glance altogether when a filter/search facility has narrowed down customer search? I’m a little lost as to how to approach this. I’m trying to keep costs down of course. I  would love it if a search/filter app could somehow pull together PT’s profiles from pages I put together.


Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Here is the layout anyway, of the style of page I want to display the PT’s profiles at a glance.


Many Thanks,

Gareth Ellison.