Confused about the interaction between an embedded app and a custom payment gateway

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I'm building an app which integrates a third party payment provider's solution into a Shopify store.


I've broken down the technical specification for this project into two parts:

- Embedded app: handles the merchant's settings for their shop relating to the payment provider

- Hosted Payment Gateway SDK: handles the integration between the checkout and the payment gateway


I've gone through quite a bit of documentation, but I'm still confused.

It looks like other apps (e.g. Partially) are able to bundle these two things into one installation.


According to these docs, it looks like the payment gateway has to be installed manually via a link until it's reached a large audience ($1mil in revenue). 


Please help me understand how these two apps can be bundled into one, easy to install app.



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Hi @otterbotter,


These are separate things. 


A Hosted Payment integration is installed directly via a link until a certain level of success, as you mentioned. A Shopify app for inputting settings is not needed, as the merchant would input their integration credentials in their admin's payment settings page. Merchants would get these credentials by signing up for your service from your own brochure page or app.


An Embedded app is for when you are adding some functionality to a shop, and want an in-admin UI experience for the merchant to interact with your app.


You could definitely create an embedded app that allows settings within your service to be changed, and offer an install link from within the app, but they don't connect per se. 


Let me know if you still have questions. Cheers,

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Thank you for the reply @Busfox, it is much appreciated.


Regarding the embedded app: I may have worded that incorrectly. The app is necessary because I need to add settings related to specific products on the merchant's shop, and site-wide settings which are not related to the payment gateway directly.


Your message has definitely given me some assurance; and I've got a better understanding of how these things fit together.

I'll likely create a button within the app which will allow users to install the gateway via the link.


Thanks a bunch for your help.


Have a solid day