Connecting API to Storefront through URL

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On my shopify store we sell wheels and tires. As a way to connect my customers with the correct fitting wheels, I had an API created that should filter the wheels on my store according to the end users vehicle information. However when the API was implemented, there was an issue with getting the API results to display on my storefront. The API should pull wheels to show they fit based on 2 parameters (bolt pattern and wheel size). I can manually filter the products by selecting the Bolt Pattern and Wheel size on my collections page. HOWEVER, the customer would not know what the correct bolt pattern would be without the help of the API. So what I am trying to figure out is if there is a way for the API to filter page results on my store based on the Bolt Pattern determined from the backend of the API? I've noticed that when I manually select a bolt patter on my collections page that bolt pattern is at the end of the URL. So my thinking logic was that there is a way for the API to just edit the URL and change the bolt pattern based on what they results of the API. If someone could help it would be a great deal of help.