Connection between sales in physical Shop and Shopify Store

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Hello Everyone,

I have a problem that I am facing. I am creating a website for a grocery store in Germany. Every regarding the setting up of the website is fine. But additionally, I have to continually keep updating the stock of the items in the Shopify store alongside the actual physical brick and mortar grocery store. That means if there is a sale made in the checkout of the actual shop, then the inventory in the Shopify webshop should change as well. I am thinking of creating an API myself, but I just want to if there are any existing solutions that I can use, and if not how would you guys advise me on creating the simple API for the connection between the Shopify inventory update and the software being used for the checking out system in the actual physical Shop.

Thank you in Advance ! 



You can use an ERP solution like Odoo. Then use third-party apps on Shopify to sync data between Shopify and the ERP. This will help ensure you have a centralized inventory.

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As a solution to this problem, you can use the Duplicate Sync App.


Firstly, create duplicate products sharing the same SKUs - one for online store and one for the physical store. Initially keep the inventory the same. Later the app will keep the inventory in sync when you make a sale on any sales channel. So that you don't have to manually adjust the stock