Contradicting signals on Shopify Order High Risk data

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I'm reviewing my customer's order data to make a better integration with Shopify's Order Risk API.

I'm seeing what appears to be contradicting signals on orders. For example, in the documentation the `recommendation` field can be `accept`, `investigate` and `cancel`. 

According to the API documentation, `accept` is the lowest risk threshold and it is a recommendation for merchants to continue the order based on Shopify's risk assessment.

However, I'm finding orders with the `accept` flag, yet the `cause_cancel` property is set to `true`.

So if I'm reading the Order Risk API documentation correctly, that means Shopify automatically canceled the order but yet it's also in the lowest risk segment? I must be reading this wrong somehow.

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Hey @dylanpierce 

It looks like display is true, cause_cancel is null. Let me know if I'm missing something!