Create an order and send it to the Admin API for a specific merchant

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Hi All and sorry for the newbie question, i already went through the various documentation and tutorials but couldn't find what i'm looking.

I'll try to explain what i need which sounded at first fairly easy:
1. I have a client which owns a Shopify Store.
2. My company is giving him a new sales channel: Chat Ordering via Facebook Messenger.
3. He wants that orders through us will also be sent to his Shopify Admin.


So all i need to do is create an order and send it to my client's Admin panel. (I guess he needs to give me some kind of authorization to send him orders.)
I do not wish to create a Shopify app to do so unless i have to.

Any directions, links, examples will be helpful as i went completely lost in all of the Various APIs, SDKs etc...

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Hi @tomericooo,


You can create an order in the admin order section, but it sounds like you're trying to do this through the API. If that's the case, unless you used an HTTP client like Postman or Insomnia, you'd need to create an app and use the Order API.


Your client can create a private app from their shop admin, and share the credentials with you so that you can make API calls to create orders.


Keep in mind that you can't use the Order API to create a new checkout for an individual store. To create a checkout, you would need to use the Checkout API, or an SDK powered by the Storefront API, such as the JavaScript Buy SDKiOS Buy SDK, or Android Buy SDK.


I hope that helps put you on the right track. Cheers,