Creating a bulk operation for delivery profile right after create webhook returns null in url field

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I am trying to get all the variants for a delivery profile after its created on Shopify. There's a webhook to notify a profile has been created/updated.

This webhook only contains the id of delivery profile.

When this webhook arrives, I create a bulkOperation with a query that I prepared which fetches all variants of delivery profile by its id.

Now, this bulkOperation is CREATED successfully and also COMPLETED successfully.

But sometimes, it returns null in url field and sometimes returns less number of variants than actual in that delivery profile.

Not sure what's going on here. My concerns are:

  1. How much should we wait after receiving the webhook to create bulk operation?
  2. Will that wait time always work?
  3. Does Shopify need some time before a resource is ready for Bulk Operation?

It'll be really helpful to hear from Shopify team. Thanks!

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Hey @zubairmohsin ,

Happy to have a look at this for you.

To investigate this further I was wondering if you could provide some additional context for me. For the most recent example where this occurred, could you provide the bulk operation id, along with the expected variant count. This additional context will help in any efforts to track down the underlying issue.



John C | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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