Creating our own page for a payment gateway

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Our payment provider will be applying for the Shopify SDK gateway. 

but we can't wait till it gets done, we are going to have a partnership with this blockchain platform, so we decided to create a page for our customers side by side with our new partner, so customers can pick if they prefer this payment option. 


How can we connect that with our shopify store, so the website takes action and sync orders and everything once we have orders via this new payment option.  

in other words, we need to act as if the order were place via the normal checkout options we offer.


This is very important for our store, please if you would require more info, let me know the email so i can send it there, we can not share any info regarding the partnership in public yet.


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Hey @Moa-Gh,


If I'm understanding correctly, you're offering customers the option to checkout via the usual method and also via another (offsite) method.


Keeping everything in sync will be a little awkward, but check out the API docs to see how you can pull/push information.

Notice; Out of office, replies will be delayed until my return. Thanks!