Cursor-based pagination never ends, repeating the same page

We are currently unable to page through the response as the `page_info` token in the Response Header (i.e. "Link") is always returning the same value (taking us for an INFINITE LOOP)

The API is telling us that:
* there are more pages to consume (via rel="next" in the Response Header) and
* the next page is the exact same page that I just consumed (since the"Next Page Token" remain the same)

At 03 Jul 2020 23:43:26 GMT I am making this exact request (using the page_info token from my prior request):

$ curl -v --location --request GET 'https://{{MYSTORE}},%20updated_at&page_info={{PAGE2TOKEN}}' --header 'Authorization: Basic {{MY-AUTH-TOKEN}}= '
The "Link" Response Header value is:
< Link:
<https://{{MYSTORE}}{{NOT-PAGE2TOKEN}}>; rel="previous",
<https://{{MYSTORE}}{{PAGE2TOKEN}}>; rel="next"

The "Next Page Token" (i.e. page_info demarcated by rel="next") is exactly the same as the page_info I provided in the original request!

Here's the X-Request-ID if anyone at Shopify is interested:
* 0c6b87eb-3dba-4c92-9637-7e1bb196f745
3 0 1

We are having the same issue with our major customers


This is an accepted solution.