Custom CSV/Excel reports via API.

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So we need to be able to send request to download custom csv/excel reports from an external site. I got something basic working for csv exports in python, but I wanted to see if ShopifyQL was a better solution.


How would you work a csv export? the built-in custom reports from Shopify just aren't strong enough for what we need.



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I've recently in the past built my own CSV exports using the GraphQL API. Basically setup a private app and used ApolloQL with Node as that came recommended.  I've also done the same type of thing with Ruby using net/http to send the queries. I would look down this road if you are looking to do this as I've had lot's of success with it.


There are also apps out there I'm sure with various capability but if you're enterprising and you seem to be, I would suggest coding it out yourself with whatever language/tool set your comfortable with.




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