Custom Checkout + POS hardware

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Hi there,

I need some help regarding custom checkouts / completing a payment. I’ve read through a lot of the documentation and posts on here and ultimately my head is swimming.

I would love confirmation on the below and any input on potential solutions.

Top level what I’m trying to achieve :
A custom Shopify storefront ( web based ) acting as a POS self checkout kiosk, with a physical card reader integrated.

Initially, seeing the Shopify / Stripe integration and the Storefront API documentation- this seemed possible. Especially since Shopify Payments has a Stripe connect integration for custom accounts, that Stripe’s terminal sdk ( reader ) can interface with.

If any one has done this or something similar any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Based off research, it’s looking less & less possible. The following is what I understand about the checkout process with Shopify and I would love if someone could validate the following / provide any other methods I may not be thinking about.

  • Completing a payment with any other method than the Shopify web url requires a Public Sales Channel App using the Checkout API

  • A public sales channel app cannot be used for a single shop or unlisted app ( so wouldn’t be a solution for my single store checkout kiosk ) ? Does the sales channel app have to be listed to add to my store? further more I believe there is an approval process from Shopify before I can test / use my app?

  • I see the IOS BUY SDK does have card vaulting abilities, and more expanded checkout capabilities than the JS BUY SDK - can anyone confirm if they have created a native app that integrated a card reader? Or even if IOS buy is compatible with Shopify’s card readers / POS SDK ?

    Thanks for any help!