Custom Redirect URI At App Install Time - App Partner Settings

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I'm wondering if anyone knows if specifying a custom URI for Shopify fresh installs is possible for Partner Applications? 

The problem I'm facing is that when I run a test install in the Partner portal for our application, it sends the request to our App URL as specified in our App settings. We would like to have this initial request made to a special install page,   ideally. Is this possible?

Furthermore, to complicate things if the above is not possible, it seems that there is no indication in the request that the app is being installed, so filtering these install requests based on the request becomes a bit complicated. Especially since if you open up the app through the app portal in a Shopify store, you receive nearly an identical request to the test request. (Which, I'm assuming in prod, it will be an identical request)  Is there something I'm missing about being able to filter the requests at install time? 

I know we can specify a redirect uri later in the Oauth flow, but what I'm looking at is adjusting the URI at the very first step in the flow.

Thank you!