Custom Uploader Image not showing in Cart Preview

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Hello there

We're trying to implement a custom uploader for custom products through UploadCare on our site. We're stuck in a specific step from their tutorial, which is linked HERE. Everything is working, the product image generates but we just can't get the same image to generate in the actual cart preview.
Here's a screenshot of what we're seeing when we add to cart, if you see on add.js, to the right, the image is being detected at the bottom right under Form Data, however it is not generating it inside of the frame in the cart neither in the popup cart, or the actual cart page.
We've added the following code into the cart-template.liquid - Which is what I was sent by UploadCare to define when the product is either custom or not - since we have both types of products.


 {% if['custom image']  != blank %}
                	<img class="cart__image" src="{{['custom image']  | append: '-/resize/150x/-/format/auto/' }}" alt="{{ item.title | escape }}" />
				  {% else %}
                    <img class="cart__image" src="{{ item.image | img_url: '95x95', scale: 2 }}" alt="{{ item.title | escape }}">
				  {% endif %}


We've added that code here above.
We've tried following the Guide for Shopify Integration from UploadCare but in our theme we don't see the cart__meta-text class in order to add the rest of the code as they say in Step 6 here below.
image (1).png
Is there anything we're missing here?
Thanks so much! Would appreciate the help.