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I'm interested in integrating a custom gift card platform into Shopify, potentially developing a custom app.

After some research, it appears the only stores with custom gift card capabilities are those on Shopify Plus.

I also understand that apps using the gift card API must be custom private apps.

If this is the case, how is able to offer a public app for any store?

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Many thanks

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Hello There, 

Shopify provides public app which can be integrated on any store. So, the same can be with

Also, you can check the multiple gift card app on the Shopify app store which can be integrated on the basic version of Shopify rather than Shopify plus.

You can also check this app and let me know if you need any assistance in integrating it.

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Thanks for this.

However, I want to integrate my own gift card processor by building my own app.

It does not look possible based on public information, however, are doing it.