Custom image in Shopify Order

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I am investigating if Shopify is the right platform for a need.

We have an existing site where a customer will customize our product and then order it. We want to hand the order off to Shopify for the customer to check out (enter shipping/billing/payment details). We'll create a render (e.g. png or jpg image) of the customized product and pass that to Shopify so it can be added to the order in Shopify and included with any communications we send to the customer from Shopify (order confirmation, shipping confirmation) and also be available for order fulfillment staff to see internally ("Does what I am putting in the box seem to match what the customer ordered?").

Is a custom (varies by order) image of something easy to setup in Shopify? I assume we'd be using the API to send order details over for the order process, but maybe I wrong on that if the customer will be using the Shopify UI to enter their billing/shipping info. The customization itself is a highly specialized process that still needs to happen in our app before the order process begins.