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I'm new to shopify devlopment and have a question for you guys.

I'm using the API to create order from another website to my demo shopify store. It works well, I'm just having an issue with the customer name beeing changed by the value setted in my address datas.

I want all my orders created via the API to be linked to a single customer. The customer name should remain "My Company" for example.

But when an order is successfully created, the customer first and last name is edited to my name address values.

Can someone help me with this ?




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Hi, I am really keen to get an aswer on this because my website has the same problem...

Why does "" change everytime my customers enter a new billing address name?

They might be borrowing a friend's credit card and wish to enter their freind's name, but all of a sudden their account name changes to their friend's name.

Is there any way to control the input data for "".

Actually on my store it would work best if the input data could be shipping_name.

Let us know!!

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Its 5 years later and my company just went on Shopify. We have this issue too.  Did you ever find a solution?