Customer's default address is always getting replaced with order shipping address

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Hi all, 

Shopify support has advised I post on here. 

I have an issue with Shopify transferring shipping and billing data to our backend system. Our system picks up an XML file for the default account address. If the shipping address for the customer is different to the billing address, when we import the data in to our system it changes the account address to the shipping address.

To describe from the beginning as a user - A user will buy a product as a gift for someone else. The shipping address would be different to the billing address. However, in the backend of Shopify, the account address swaps to the shipping address. Hence why this is being pulled through to our CRM systems making it complicated.

My question is, why does the account default address change when a user wants to add a different shipping address? Did this change recently?

Has anyone got any insight to this issue?

Many thanks. 

Stuart H

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I just wanted to confirm this is expected behaviour. On creation of a new order if the shipping address is different than the current default address it will become the new default address on the customer account.

I can understand why the current behaviour is not ideal and if you like I can add your company to the current issue being tracked in our system. Unfortunately I don't have a timeline for a change/fix to this functionality.



John C | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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Many/most of our customers drop-ship their orders to their clients. Changing a default address to the shipping address not only is trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist (customers are perfectly capable of updating their own information if they are permitted to do it), but it causes huge problems for online sellers, and especially ones who sync databases, automations, CRMs, mailing lists for printed literature. It's crazy. I see this issue has been brought up for years and no one has taken the time to fix it. Beyond frustrating. We are a B2B company where our each of our returning customers are placing custom orders for each of their clients, and now we are prevented from mailing anything to a list of our customers because most of them have shipped directly to their clients, meaning that I would inadvertently send our price list or catalog to the end-users, and not the wholesale buyers. This would be a disaster to say the least. And even after there is a fix (if ever), the prospect of trying to find a way to manually sort out who is who now is just ridiculous. We don't have 100 customers, we have thousands of contacts that are out of whack, and the problem just grows with every passing day.