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Hello everyone,

We are trying to make a shipping rate conditions based on customer tag.

So potential usecase 1:

Customers with the tag "example" on checkout get a special shipping profile with 50% discounted carrier-calculated rates. 

Potential usecase 2: We fetch Customer tags and apply the discount in our carrier API directly to the calculated shipping rate.

I have checked community and forums but didn't find any way how to make it. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Hey @easyweb,

It sounds like Intuitive Shipping will be a good fit for this. One of the Condition options is 'Customer Tag', so you can easily create your Usecase 1 within the app. For your second Usecase, are these rates coming from your own shipping app? (I notice you're a Shopify Partner). We can only return rates for apps, carrier services etc. we're integrated with, so you can reach out to our support team at to give some more insight to our team to identify if this can be done.


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Sorry EasyWeb. When you get a payload from Shopify, it does not have Customer Tags, so you cannot use that to customize Shipping. You'd have to monkey with the products themselves by assigning them attributes, which do in fact make it to the carrier service payload. Kinda sucks, but that is the way it is right now.

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