CustomerJourney data in webhook posts

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I'm planning to use the data in the graphQL API's CustomerJourney (such as marketingEvents, sourceType, referralCode, landingPage, utmParameters etc) to help identify which marketing campaigns resulted in which orders.


However, we also store order data from webhook POSTs, which structure their data like the REST API, and I can't find an equivalent for most of these fields in that data. In particular, there's no:
 - UTM parameters

 - marketingEvents

 - sourceType

 - Distinction between first and last visits

Though I did find landing_page/landing_page_ref and referring_site, which cover some of the CustomerJourney functionality.

Does anyone know if this data is just not available from the webhooks (in which case, I guess we'd need to store incomplete data from the webhooks, and fetch the remaining data via graphQL), or it available somewhere I'm missing?






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Hi @euang,


Much of the info you are looking for is not actually serialized on the order. UTM parameters aren't explicitly included on orders, but as you mentioned, can be gathered from the landing_site.


Marketing events similarly aren't associated with orders. You would need to use our Marketing Events API to fetch a campaign. An order can be created using the UTM params associated with a marketing event, but there's no connection to orders otherwise.


The source is available through the landing_site as well, if the order was created with a source utm, but the sourceType looks to only be available on the CustomerJourney.


As you mentioned, you'll need to use the order webhook as a tripwire to fetch the CustomerJourney through the GQL API. I've brought this feedback to our engineers, as ideally you would be able to get this easier. 



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