DKIM email authentication

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We have a fairly unique B2B project whereby the customer needs to have DKIM email authentication. They have 2 questions which I'm looking to resolve 

  • Is it possible to pass variables such as an activation URL through Shopify’s API? An example would be that we wish to create a custom email template in a third party outbound email messaging system (Mandrill) to replace the standard email activation notification that Shopify automatically generates. In order for us to do this however, we would need to be able to pass the activation URL over to Mandrill in order for it to be inserted into the appropriate email activation template we wish to use in that system. There are of course other emails similar to this concept that we wish to send also where URL’s will need to be called.
  • Can Shopify use a different third party service provider to output email messages for DKIM enabled domains?
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Hey @JonnyJuno,


To the first question: no, but you might be able to simulate this via the API. E.g. customer signs up, details are stored on your side (name, email), you send them an activation email with a URL pointing to your app, to complete the registration via the customer API.


And the second question: I don't believe so.