Delisted app due to Deprecated API calls by Shopify Developer Tools for macOS

Hi there.

Andy, co-founder of the PicAmaze Shopify app.

Our app was delisted for making deprecated API calls this morning. I believe the real reason for that is that I was using the Shopify Developer Tools for macOS (as recommended here and made a manual API call to an endpoint while debugging a merchant's issue. This morning I found out that the endpoint is deprecated.

So it turns out that Shopify Developer Tools for macOS is using deprecated API calls, not our app.

I believe the delisting is a mistake and was done automatically. I know Shopify Support is overwhelmed and there are 5000 apps out there. I hope we can fix this mistake soon.

Here are more details:

  1. This is the API health pageimage.png
  2. Our App is using API version 2020-04 and doesn't make calls to this deprecated endpoint.
  3. On 13.10 I was investigating a bug with one of our clients. I was using Shopify Developer Tools and logged into the store with an access token. I was checking if the merchant has a collection and I made one call to the Collect endpoint.
  4. Shopify Developer Tools for macOS is officially recommended Shopify app here
  5. Shopify Developer Tools for macOS doesn't show warning or information for deprecated API usage: 


  6. We launched on 08.2020. The deprecated API is deprecated before that date.
  7. We didn't get any warning email so we didn't have a chance to fix/explain this.
  8. We are contributing to the Shopify Partners community helping other developers in the forum, and writing Shopify development blogs here:

I hope that our app will be listed again and the Shopify Developer Tools will be updated to use the proper API.

All the best. Andy.
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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Andy!

This tool is no longer maintained, but I see that in the blog post, there's no mention of how this. We'll go ahead and remove the post / add a warning to it showcasing this.
You can see this notice on the related github repo:

That being said, thanks for the detailed post. We've gone ahead and re-listed your app.

Lastly, I want to stress that using an access token related to your main production app outside of your app is not recommended. Any calls made with that token will be attributed to your app, and trigger the associated notifications and flags for deprecated behaviours. This includes tools like this one here, and also things like Insomnia / Postman. Instead, use a non-production set of credentials, such as a development version of your app.