Deprecation of the inventory_quantity

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Hi there,

I wrote the shopify support but they unfortunately had no option to help me but asked my to post my problem here.

Below you can find my question to the support:

Hi there,

I am writing you today regarding the deprecation of the inventory_quantity. Yes, we are pretty late on this topic but our first assessment had the result that our app is not affected. A new assesment came to a different conclusion.

What is the situation:

* We are offering a (unofficial) Shopify App in the realm on POD fulfillment

* With the app you can synch products from your system and get the orders from your Shopify shop fulfilled by us

* All products we push to Shopify are set to "manual" fulfillment

* The app does NOT register a fulfillment service

* When an basket is created, we check our stock states and update the stock at Shopify with the inventory_quantity

What is our request:

* Is the API finally switched off on Aug 1st or is there an additional grace period for, well, people like us?

* Do I interprete it correctly, that we have to do the following:

** for each app installation we need to create a fulfillment service

** for each app we need to adjust all products to:
*** assign the locationID for the created fulfillment service to all products
*** track the inventory quantity using the locationID

* As we do NOT create fulfillments, is it true that we do not need to expose the URLs for tracking requests

* Is there an alternative scenario to the above described scenario

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards



Again, yes we are late here, I am fully aware of that. 

Also, the combination of not using a fulfillment service properly in this scenario is not ideal. We might want to replace the App in the future but would love to see our partners using it right now having a working App.


Have a nice day!


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As an additional question... Why does  GET /fetch_stock still work on an SKU basis instead of inventory litems? Why don't I need to provide a locationID there?