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I just did an export of my app users for the first time, and in the Shop plan column, there are a lot of 'plans' that I do not understand and would very much like to.


I'm trying to understand how many of my users have genuinely uninstalled my app, and so I need to make sure that I only account for genuine users.


Here are all of the different 'Shop Plan' values I'm seeing:




Is there any explanation of these values somewhere in the docs, or can anyone explain these to me? My app has a 'basic' and 'professional' plan so I assume those values are related to that, but otherwise I'm unsure about most of them.


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Hey @Patrick_Kelly2 , 


These are all names of Shopify plans and wouldn't be related to your app subscription's plan names. I don't know of any documentation listing them all though, so here's me explaining them instead. Hope it helps! 


Frozen - There are lots of reasons a shop can become frozen, but it's most typically because payment is due. These shops are not active, but can be reactivated easily with their apps still installed and in the same state they were prior to being frozen. 


Professional - This is the old name for our plan that is currently called "Shopify" on our pricing page.


Basic - This is the old name for the "Basic Shopify" plan on the pricing page linked above. 


Cancelled - Shop is inactive and was cancelled by the shop owner. 


Dormant - The dormant plan is a state a shop can be put in at a lower fee where the admin and storefront are still active, but the checkout system is disabled and new orders cannot be placed. This is usually done temporarily so a merchant can work on their shop at a lower fee until they're ready to re-launch. 


Trial - Shop has signed up for their 14 day trial but they haven't chosen a plan yet. 


Affiliate - Affiliate shops can be opened with a Partner Account to be built out and later transferred to the real shop owner, and will provide the referring partner with a referral bonus paid out at a later date.


Staff - Shop is owned by a Shopify staff member. 


Fraudulent - Shop has been closed (can be permanent or temporary), can be for a number of reasons.


Unlimited - This is the old plan name for what is now "Advanced Shopify" on our pricing page. 


Staff_business - This is a shop owned by a Shopify employee, but is being used to operate an actual business and not just for testing purposes. 


Shopify_alumni - Shop is operated by a former Shopify employee.


Npo_lite - This is a subscription plan only available to non-profit organizations. 


Starter - We don't offer this plan anymore, it was discontinued years ago but there are still shops that have it that were grandfathered in. This was a cheaper plan with limited access to admin features and a limit on the number of products the shop can have - but still an active shop with an online storefront where orders can be placed.


Shopify_plus - Shop is on a Shopify Plus subscription, typically a much more high-volume and complex merchant. 


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Wow, thanks Josh! That is very helpful! Much appreciated.

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@Josh We just did an integration with Chart Mogul and are seeing plans listed which is great, but some values don't seem to map directly to the plans you listed out. For example I see "Shopify Shopify". What Shopify plan would that be? For reference, we also see Shopify Basic: 

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Hi @Josh - I am seeing 2 other Shop Plan's in my export column - Partner Test and Custom.  Could you please provide an explanation of what type of businesses these account plans represent?  Thanks