Descriptive email reason for Order Cancellation

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I'm trying to add a descriptive message to my custom email that shopify sends to the customer upon order cancellation. The reason field is limited to 'customer', 'inventory', 'fraud', 'declined', and 'other', but I want to add a specific reason for cancellation that the customer receives in an email when an order get cancelled by us, such as "We don't ship to your state". How can I do this?

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Hi @bilraj  The message that is sent can be customized through the admin notifications section. You can use conditionals in liquid to customize these sections further. Using liquid, you can personalize these emails by pulling information from the order or specific lines of text you've added. Here is a list of email variables that can be used:


For this example, you could use the other field to pre-populate that message to send out, or you can investigate utilizing tags on the order to customize the notification further. 


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