Desindex URL list by generating a sitemap

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I prepare a sitemap to remove a list of indexed URLs. 
I specify that these are duplicates that shouldn't have been crawled and even less indexed, and that today I could finally set up my site, these URLs don't exist anymore.I need google to make them disappear, and it's too long, and I know a way to do it: generate a sitemap with these URLs and submit it, so that google takes care of it now.
So I listed these URLs, I made the xml code with this site : outils-refé Then I put it on my notepad. When I drag this to my browser, I have an ok page, but I can't send it to the search-console because to add a siteMap, I have to make a url suite at , except the url generated via my notepad doesn't have as a start. I suspect that there's just a little manipulation to do but I don't know how to do ?